Jacques-Yves Cousteau Postage Stamps

Jacques Cousteau (1910-1997) was the world-renowned oceanographer who sailed the seas on the research ship Calypso, televising his adventures for a global audience. He has undoubtedly done more than anyone to bring attention to the need to preserve and protect the world's oceans.

Jacques Cousteau, Palau 1999 (Part of Environmental Heroes of the 20th Century)Jacques Cousteau, Palau, 1999
Jacques Cousteau, Mali Stamp 460 Mali
Jacques Cousteau, Malta Stamp 490 Mali
Jacque Cousteau,
 with Calypso - Palau StampJacques Costeau - Palau
Jacque Cousteau - Palau stamp with CalypsoJacques Costeau - Palau
Jacques Cousteau, Malta Stamp Malta

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