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It may be that some of these links appear to be "broken." This is NOT my fault.

<Begin Rant:> The inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, specified from the very Beginning that whenever a page located on a computer linked to the Web changed its location, it is the responsibility of the webmaster for the host computer to put in a "re-direct" auto-forward or link to the new location, or post a notice if the information was to be removed. As website usability expert Jakob Nielsen says, Web Pages Must Live Forever. You aren't just supposed to re-organize your website and remove a page wholesale at a whim.
You have a responsibility to the global World Wide Web community to keep your links working, by putting in automatic re-directs to the new location. I disavow any responsibility to update links which the website originators don't think enough of to honor this rule. </End Rant>

So, if you can't find a link below, complain to the originator of the website, not me!

News Sites - Updated Daily

Useful Links


Astronomy Links
MPEG and MIDI Links
Harold and Janet's Launch Pad
Philatelic Links

Art and Clip Art Websites

The Realms of Magic: Borris Vallejo
index.htm Slickrock Gallery Homepage
Santa Barbara Regional Arts
OPI Entourage Tribal Art
SILS Art Image Browser: Home Page
Sights and Sounds
The Clip Art Connection - Web Resources
Theme Specific Clip Art

Pantheism Web Sites

Scientific Pantheism: an empirical religion for the Third Millennium.
Universal Pantheist Society
Pantheism: A Religion for All by Mike Trobee
Library of Scientific Pantheism
Pantheist Association for Nature - Gary Suttle's terrific website emphasizing conservation from a Pantheist viewpoint.
Pantheist Net - Umbrella Website for Pantheist organizations



Goldman Environmental Prize Winners - Ordinary People who have accomplished great environmental protection
The Rachel Carson Homestead Association
John Muir Exhibit - the Internet's premier site for information about this famous naturalist and conservationist.
John Muir Memorial Association - Support group for the John Muir National Historic Site
The Infinite Goof
Abbey's Web
John Burroughs Home Page
Genius T-Shirts


Wilderness Net - Comprehensive Resource on Wilderness
Yosemite Association
National Park Service Planning
Ancient Bristlecone Pine
Yosemite Fund
Wilderness on the Web
Wilderness Education Project - Yosemite National Park

Frog Websites

The Wind in the Willows
The Leaping Pad
Froggy Page
Rainforest Amphibians
Frogs - Sea World Animal Bytes
About the South American Ornate Horned Frog
The Yosemite Frogs Project
Exploratorium Frog Page
Frogwatch USA
Michele's Frog Page - Outstanding collection of photos, collectibles, frogs on stamps, etc.
WISE Frog Mystery Page - Educational project based on Web-based Integrated Science Environment program
Lang Elliott's Songs of Frogs - wonderful photos and sound clips of frog songs!
Westward Frog - UC Davis website dedicated to the conservation of Western Amphibians.


Ecological Philosphy - From
Restore Hetch Hetchy - Let's realize John Muir was right, and remove O'Shaugnessy Dam, drain the reservoir, and restore Hetch Hetchy Valley to its natural place in Yosemite National Park!
Sierra Club Environmental Education Page
USDA Forest Service What's New Page
Welcome to Natural Resources Defense Council Worldview
Island Press's Eco-Compass
Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute (UFEI)
Green Party of California
IGC: Members
Environmental Organization WebDirectory!
League of Conservation Voters
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Environment
ECO UPDATE on The Ecology Channel
The California League of Conservation Voters
League of Conservation Voters
The ECOLOGY Channel
Conservation Biology Sites
Connecting With Nature
The ISHMAEL Companion: Classroom Notes from Teachers
PlanetKeepers' Archives: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
PlanetKeepers Home Page
Earth Island
Environmental Information Services on the Internet
Nat'l Parks & Conservation Ass'n
NWF Home Page
Rainforest Action Network
Sierra Club Home Page
Visalia Beautification Committee
Mike Walter's Earth Page
Climate Change as a Religious Issue - Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Visalia
Religion & the Environment - from Harvard Divinity School Center for the Study of World Religions

News Sites

CNN - Environment News
Welcome To
The Gate
SV-PAL California Weather Menu
Los Angeles Times
CNN Interactive
San Jose Mercury News


WWW/Gopher Table of Contents
New Item
Alta Vista: Main Page
DejaNews Research Service - homepage
Dirty Linen Magazine # 61
Artdirect's What's New
Search Magellan
W3 Search Engines
Welcome to Books!
WebCrawler Searching
Lycos Search: Muir
Lycos Home Page

Web Design and HTML sites

Web with Style Colorizer - Access color codes for HTML
Weaving Abbey's Web
Best Viewed With Any Browser
Matt's Script Archive
Web Design Group HTML Help


LAW JOURNAL EXTRA! ¨ - The Web Site for the Profession
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
California State Home Page
Search for Bills
Code of Federal Regulations
The U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Link
Directory of all Codes - Ed., Elec., etc.
Legal Material by Topic - Overview
Library of Congress
Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page (New version 05/02/95)
Government Code - Table of Contents
Ed Code- Table of Contents/Sections
Government Code - Table of Contents
Environmental Law Practice Area
Calif Bar - Online Member Detail of Harold W. Wood, Jr.

Reference Tools

Congressional Research Service Reports from CNIE
Search the CMC Information Sources Database
Quotations Pages - Series (X) - Random
Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.
Quotations Home Page
Reference Shelf
Library Card Catalogs
College of the Sequoias

Books and Bookstores

Advanced Book Exchange - Search Rare, Out of Print Books
BookWire - The First Place to Look for Book Information
Northern California Independent Booksellers Association Books - Books, CDs, Videos, Auctions
Antiquarian Booksellers of America
Alibris - Nationwide Used Books
BiblioFind - Search Used, Rare, and Out of Print Books
Powell's Bookstore -- 1.5 million books, new and used - Meta-search searches most of the foregoing plus many others
Seasoned Books - Books on nature and sustainable living

Education-Related Sites - Lesson Plans on all subjects
Finger Gateway --
Demographics Office
Voices of Adoption
Earthquake Info

Internet Links

Submit It!
Nerd World Media Internet Subject Index
Project Gutenberg Home Page
Internet Starter Kit for the Macintosh
MacUser Top 100 Web Sites 3/96
The Leaping Pad
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
Outdoor Recreation Research
TradeWave Galaxy
The Babylon Project
Powersource Links to Other Sites
August 95 Cyberguide
Point Communications - Top 10 Sites
World Wide Arts Resources
Valley Net Home Page
Online Traveler - Libraries

Macintosh Info & Sites

Home of RealAudio and RealVideo
VMEG Mac Resources Page (1/16/97)
Webmaster's Reference Library
HTML Web Weaver
IRC channel #macintosh (PoundMac)
Novell Web Site - Wordperfect
Macintosh Home Page
Apple Computer, Inc.
MacWorld Online
MaUser Web

Travel Websites

Utah Travel and Adventure Online
Scotland: Gateway to Scotland
City.Net India
India Online
Hawaii USGS Site

Environmental Education

New on EE-Link
ExInEd Home Page
History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
Zoos - Virtual Library
Oregon Museum of Science
K-12 Environmental Resources
Env Education Site
The EdWeb Home Room
Web66: International WWW School Registry
Starfish Environmental Education Resources
Park Rangers on the Web
California Environment Page


CHS Homepage/General Information
Biography Magazine
KingsNet Home Page
Netscape: Welcome to Pathfinder
Corporate Watch
Earth Pledge

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