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Publications and Presentations

John Muir and the Animal Kingdom - Power Point presentation (First presented at LeConte Memorial Lodge in 2008, and updated for the Tulare County Audubon Society and other venues.)

John Muir in India - Paper & Power Point Presentation (work in progress)

The Continuing Inspiration of John Muir - Power Point Presentation (First presented at Sequoia Natural History Association seminar on John Muir, October, 2004)

John Muir Around the World - Power Point Presentation (Since 2003)

John Muir in Indiana (PDF) (Research paper submitted to Indiana Historical Bureau in support of the Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter request for a commemorative historical plaque honoring John Muir in Indianapolis, Indiana.) April, 2003.

Song Review: "Swimming to the Other Side" by Pat Humphries, Pantheist Vision, (September, 2004)

Earthkeeper Hero: John Muir on website (accessed 6/20/05).

Why Mint Muir?, Feature on John Muir-Yosemite California Quarter, on John Muir Exhibit (last updated July, 2003)

John Muir's Telephone Number, John Muir Newsletter (Winter 2001/02; updated October, 2002)

Publisher: John Muir Study Guide: Lesson Plans for Teachers

Reader for CD : Muir Quote about Robert Burns, in John Muir Tribute CD (1999).

Species Requiem Day: A Proposal (PDF) - Wild Earth , Vol. 5, No. 1, (Spring, 1995)

Farmers and Wildlife Can Co-Exist , Visalia Times Delta , (February 24, 1994)

Why Earth Day Failed , Pantheist Vision , Vol. 16, No. 2 (Summer Solstice, 1995)

Modern Pantheism as an Approach to Environmental Ethics - Environmental Ethics , (Summer, 1985)

Water Conservation, Ecological Health and Vegetarianism , Sequoia Alliance Newsletter (June 20, 1989)

"Modern Pantheism: Seeking a Personal Relationship with the Universe: A Response to Monika Langer,"
The Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy
, Vol. 5, No. 3, (Summer, 1988) (PDF)

"The Sacred Siskiyous - Religious Freedom For Native Americans" Liberty , 1986.

The United Nations World Charter for Nature: The Developing Nations' Initiative to Establish Protections for the Environment , 12 Ecology Law Quarterly 977 (1985)

Recreation or Re-creation in Wilderness?, Washington Wildfire , (August/September, 1984)

Tropical Rainforests: Wilderness Destruction , Washington Wildfire (Feb/March, 1982)

Editor: Pantheist Vision 1980 to present. See also list of Essays published in Pantheist Vision.

Proposed Citizen's Right to Standing Act: Finding the Keys to Unlock the Courthouse Doors 3 University of Puget Sound Law Review 231 (1979)

Internships in Environmental Interpretation and Environmental Education , Journal of Environmental Education , (Spring, 1978)

"62 Million Acres Are in Your Hands", Not Man Apart (Sept/Oct. 1978) (with 3 co-authors).

RARE II, Pacific Search (October, 1977)

My Crusade for Truth in Labeling, Fremontia, Journal of the California Native Plant Society (October, 1977)
reprinted in The Log, California Carvers Guild, (Feb., 1978), as "The Truth About Oregon Myrtlewood."

Save Alaska Wilderness , Seattle Post Intelligencer , (June 17, 1977)

What's In a Name?, The Interpreter , (Spring, 1976)

Everglades Energetics , Energy Ideas for Parks , (August, 1976)

Pinchot and Mather: How the Forest Service and the Park Service got That Way , Not Man Apart , (Mid-December, 1976) Reprinted in Federal Public Land and Resources Law Third Edition, by George Cameron Coggins, Charles F. Wilkinson, and John D. Leshy (Westbury, New York: The Foundation Press, Inc., (1993)).

Editor, Washington Wildlands Tool Kit , ASUW Environmental Affairs Commission, University of Washington, (1976)

Environmental Education and the Wilderness Idea, Journal of Environmental Education , (Winter, 1974)

Interpretive Purpose, The Interpreter , (Fall, 1974)

Quotable Quotes - A Handy Reference for Interpreters , California Department of Parks and Recreation, (1974)
(Check out my Authors page for some of the best of these quotes!)

Protecting Nature's Monuments, Sierra Club Bulletin , (February, 1974)

Death Valley: Desert Wilderness in Danger, National Parks and Conservation Magazine , (January, 1974)

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