'Tis Springtime

'Tis springtime, 'tis springtime, Cold winter is past;
Warm breezes are blowing and May's here at last;
The birds are returning, Their songs fill the air;
And meadows are smiling with blossoms so fair.

'Tis Springtime, 'tis springtime, all nature's reborn;
Shy flowers, fresh grasses the hillsides adorn;
The orchards and woodlands with colors are gay,
The glad earth rejoices through all the bright day.

The lyrics appear to be from a poem, unknown author from the 19th century.

We are told that there is also a song with the same melody in Germany, Im Marzen der Bauer. 1850. It is also about nature. In the Netherlands there is a Dutch song with the same melody. But that is about Saint Nicolaas who brings presents. And it's called: Zie ginds komt de stoomboot.

Very few digtial recordings of this song seem to be available, despite the venerable nature of this song.

It is on Apple iTunes, sung with a Croation accent, here.

Unable to find other digital recordings of this song, except on Youtube.

"'Tis Springtime with Lyrics" (instrumental piano)

The first verse is sung briefly in "The Rifleman Full Episodes S04E25 None So Blind ." You can find this song on YouTube, at time marker 1:55.

Thanks to Martine from The Netherlands for the European background!


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