Ansel Adams First Day Covers

Ansel Adams (1902-1984) was a noted conservationist, devoting enormous hours to preserving wilderness through the Sierra Club and the Wilderness Society. Many people know him only for his photography, but he was a tireless worker in defense of wilderness areas for many decades. He met with several U.S. Presidents to plead for wilderness preservation, and many of his photographs in book collections are a call for preservation of unspoiled Nature.

Ansel Adams 150th Anniversary California Statehood 
First Day Cover by  Cuv Evanson
Ansel Adams Photography Stamp 1978 First Day Cover by Cuv Evanson 
First Day Cover by  Cuv Evanson

These First Day Covers are by " Cuv Evanson"

Ansel Adams, Sand Dunes, Sunrise 1948 - 2002 Postage Stamp

37 Masters of American Photography

Self-adhesive pane of 20 designs, including Ansel Adams.
Washington, DC 20066.

Text on reverse of stamp reads:

Renowned art photographer and environmental leader Ansel Adams (1902-1984) was praised for his sublime interpretations of the dramatic beauty found in the western landscape. Rendered with a naturalist's precision and a pictorialist's virtuosity, Sand Dunes, Sunrise 1948, reveals the sharpness of detail and rich tonal range - from deepest black to purest white - that are hallmarks of his work.
The Ansel Adams Trust
Mill Valley, California

Ansel Adams First Day Cover by Fleetwood
First Day Cover by Fleetwood

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