Planet Patriot Party Platform

I think America could and should become great once again. It ought to be loved as a beacon not merely of prosperity for a few, but rather as a nation that advocates peace, justice, and sustainability for all life on earth. This is a platform that no leading political party seems to give a fig for. America must adopt goals that will recognize that the survival of America (and all nations) depends upon creating a sustainable global world community ruled by peaceful methods of conflict resolution, with justice for all.

The best hope for peace on our planet is for America to make friends all over the world. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said: "True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice." And justice requires respect for human rights and for the global environment; respect for our plant and animal kin, and appreciation for our capacity to evolve into ever more degrees of compassion.

America needs candidates to become Planet Patriots. Or rather, America needs Planet Patriots to become candidates. Who will rise to the challenge? The following are urgent priorities of our world:


Ecological Citizen Mission:

Creating a harmonious, respectful and mutually flourishing relationship with the ecosphere is the basis of such a civilization. This involves preserving and restoring biological richness, ecological complexity and evolutionary potential – as well as the beauty, mystery and integrity of Earth. Nothing less will suffice.

- The Ecological Citizen Journal

Eco-Centric Deep Ecology Platform
by Stan Rowe

1. The well-being and flourishing of the living Earth and its many organic/ inorganic parts have value in themselves. These values are independent of the usefulness of the non-human world for human purposes.

2. Richness and diversity of Earth's ecosystems, as well as the organic forms that they nurture and support, contribute to the realization of these values and are also values in themselves.

3. Humans have no right to reduce the diversity of Earth's ecosystems and their vital constituents, organic and inorganic.

4. The flourishing of human life and culture is compatible with a substantial decrease of human population. The creative flourishing of Earth and its multitudinous parts, organic and inorganic, requires such a decrease.

5. Present human interference with the non-human world is excessive, and the situation is rapidly worsening.

6. Policies must therefore be changed. These policies affect basic economic, technological and ideological structures. The resulting state of affairs will be deeply different from the present.

7. The ideological change is mainly that of appreciating life quality (dwelling in situations of intrinsic value) rather than adhering to a high standard of living. There will be a profound awareness of the difference between big and great.

8. Those who subscribe to the foregoing points have an obligation directly or indirectly to participate in the attempt to implement the necessary changes.

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Goals for Planet Patriot Candidates:

  1. Obtain 100% energy independence from fossil fuels - foreign or domestic - using sustainable renewable energy. This is our best hope for peace especially in the Middle East, not to mention survival of America and the developing world as we reach peak oil.

  2. Launch a major world-wide good-will program implementing a global tree-planting and reforestation effort with funding equal to that of our expenditure for munitions and weaponry. Everyone in the world would love America if we did this, and it would significantly offset our global warming emissions.

  3. Establish a U.S. Department of Peace, launching a priority effort as the moral equivalent of war, to promote domestic and world peace. Commit funds to a major research and development effort for peaceful methods of conflict resolution to be implemented domestically and globally. Violence just begets violence. We must find a way to achieve world peace because we live on a single planet.

  4. Fight Global Climate Change and rapidly reduce CO2 emissions in the United States and the rest of the world. Sign the Stop Global Warming petition. Global warming is real. Who cares what Exxon and ignorant politicians think? Global warming is caused by humans, according to the world's leading scientists! Who cares what Rush Limbaugh and his ilk think? In fact, the latest studies show the Intergovernmental Panel on Cliamate Change estimate may have been too conservative. Yet, solving global warming will bring huge economic benefits as we diversify our energy supply and transportation options. Why try to prop up an obsolete non-sustainable fossil fuel industry when we have so many better renewable and sustainable alternatives?

    November 2011 Report: Climate Change Consequences Both Dire and Likely

    The warnings about Climate Change are coming not merely from environmental scientists; even institutions that have no record of caring about the environment are issuing warnings. According to a recent report by the International Energy Agency, irreversible climate change consequences are unavoidable if dramatic changes are not made within the next five years. If current pledges to reduce emissions are successful, the temperature average is projected to rise 3.5 degrees Celsius, says the report, which is still considerably higher than the two degree rise in temperature considered safe by scientists. Failure to meet emissions reduction goals could result in a temperature rise of at least six degrees Celsius. Some factors that are expected to aggravate emissions problems include unwillingness to abandon current industry and infrastructure, and growing numbers of fossil fuel-dependent power plants and inefficient buildings.

  5. Restore the place of our National Parks as "America's Best Idea." When we spend more on military armaments than on protecting the land which is the entire reason we give for "defending our country," our priorities are really out of whack. As the recent PBS documentary showed, our national parks system is really "America's Best Idea." But to fulfill the dream of that idea, we must do a lot more:
    • Restore, reinvest in, reinvigorate, and protect our National Parks (and state parks too!) - including a major effort to fix our parks, halt their chronic under-funding and address the huge backlog of facilities maintenance needs. A particularly important symbolic as well as practical solution is to restore Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite National Park. It is also time to put user-capacity limits on the most-crowded national parks - restrict personal vehicles and replace them with bicyclles and public transportation. We must not sacrifice our crown jewels for more freeway traffic!
    • Save our National Monuments! - we now face the most dangerous and immediate attack our National Monuments have ever faced. The Trump Administration has so far recommended damaging changes to 10 monuments; these changes would eliminate vast portions of several monuments and allow mining, logging, drilling, and industrial-scale commercial fishing in these protected areas.
    • Add new units to the National Park System, including adding the existing Alaska National Widlife Refuge to the national park system and designating the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge as Wilderness; establishing a Maine Woods National Park by expanding and improving the new Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, turning the Giant Sequoia National Monument over to the National Park Service, creating a Sonoran Desert National Park, and many others.

    Our National Parks are the primary global ambassadors of America's heritage. They are symbols of America the world over. They are icons of democracy and so should be the absolutely best they can be.

  6. Provide universal health care for all. We owe it to the children.

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