On Our Way Back Home

Music and Lyrics by Kenneth-Michael Veltz © 2001 / 2008

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I know I can't see how you see
I know you can't see how I see
We really don't need to agree at all
We're both in separate grocery lines
You're in your world. I'm in mine.
Living our own dreams, great or small.

We're on our way - On our way - On our way back home

Some to cities - Some to fields 
Some outspoken - Some concealed
Some religion - Some no god to call
Some to privilege - Some to lack
Some the future - Some the past
Always moving toward a common goal

We're on our way - On our way - On our way back home (2)
On our way back home (3)

To be understood - Means understand
We're all the same - All just man
Living - Working - Trying not to fall
So few of us are truly mad
And most of us if had the chance
Would choose a kinder life - After all

We're on our way - On our way - On our way back home (2)

Crowded streets - Country roads
Shouldering our private loads
Watching hopes and dreams - Rise and fall

We need to take less than we give
Be forgiven - And forgive
Celebrate our differences
And love and live and just let live

We're on our way - On our way - On our way back home


"On Our Way Back Home"

Produced by:  
Ken Veltz, Drew Veltz & Joe Johnson


Lyrics & music written by:  Ken Veltz
Lead vocals: Ken Veltz & Jeannie Veltz
Harmony vocals: Jeannie Veltz
Acoustic guitar: Ken Veltz
Bass guitar: Drew Veltz
Electric guitars: Drew Veltz
Drums: Ken Veltz
Additional Keyboard: Ken Veltz
Accordion: Art Labriola 
Piano: Art Labriola

Recorded at: RedWally Studios, Cold Spring, NY

Engineered by: Joe Johnson
Mixed by: Joe Johnson & Drew Veltz

Ken Veltz,
New York, NY

email: ken@theveltzfamily.com



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