The Matriot* Anthem

"International Anthem"

By Chris Highland

Sung to the tune of "America the Beautiful"

1.  Oh beautiful diversity, third planet from the sun  
    A spinning ball of land and sea 
    Embracing every one. 

Chorus One 

Oh Planet Earth, Oh Planet Earth 
Creator blesses you. 
On every shore and land of birth 
We're Muslim, Christian, Jew 
(Second time: We're Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu 
(alternate: Confucian, Taoist, too 
(alternate 2: Earth, pagan, wiccan too. 
(alternate 3: All Spirit paths are true. 
(alternate 4: A matriotic crew. 

2.   Oh wonderful, this common Life 
     All creatures great and small 
     We breathe the same united air
     From birdsong to wolf call. 

Repeat Chorus One 

3.   The beauty of our precious home
     A rock of blue and green
     Protected by no one alone
     In Nature's holy scene. 

Chorus Two 

Oh Planet Earth, Oh Planet Earth 
Our only Motherland 
In every tongue, of every race 
No borders, hand in hand. 

4.   Of mountains wrapped in glistening snow,
     and river waterfalls
     Of trees to climb and paths to find
     Our song will break all walls. 

Repeat Chorus Two

5.   Now listen for the cry of hope
     That opens every soul
     And work to make the Good and Just
     A bell of freedom toll 

Final Chorus 

Oh Matriots!, Oh Matriots! 
One country we defend 
We live for peace, compassion, love 
The light without an end.

*For information about Matriotism, see Matriotism by Elouise Bell - The author argues that a "matriot" - from Latin mater, is the Earth equivalent to patriotism - one who loves and loyally or zealously supports her motherland, her own planet - Mother Earth. Matriotism, argues the author, is yin to patriotism's yang. It's about the Earth, not the world. It's about what those fortunate few have seen from spaceship portals, not what we see on a map or a globe with regularly updated borderlines and political color-coding. From Earth Island Journal (Summer, 2002). Sounds just like Planet Patriotism to me!

For more inspiring songs inspired by Nature's Temple, visit Chris Highland's Nature Music: Original Songs.

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