Leafy Legacy - Album by Nu Myth featuring Sharon Robles

Leafy Legacy

Environmental Songs for Young People

By the band Nu Myth

Featuring Sharon Robles

Leafy Legacy is an album expressing love and appreciation for our planet and all its diversity. The band, Nu Myth, is the inspiration of environmental education teacher Sharon Robles. Sharon's lively vocals are accompanied by some fine instrumentalists, including insect and bird song, and on some tracks, children's voices. A "tropical" sound seems to permeate the album, not only because of The Rainforest Song but due to the lively percussion and guitar accompaniment found on most of the tracks.

Unlike some "children's albums" that are not listenable by adults, most of the songs on this album are enjoyable by adults as well. Most of the songs are Robles' originals. For anyone who likes to sing along, the CD includes the lyrics.

Song List:

The Rainforest Song - a song heralding the unique beauty of one of the planet's greatest resources. Lyrics make reference to the temperature and rainfall, the names for the layers, and animal and plant life. The chorus says it all, "This is the rainforest...feel the heartbeat that is key to our little blue planet. She's host to such diversity."

One Small Seed - the beauty of life contained in one small seed that is allowed to grow and produce new seed - life come full circle.

Up to You and Me - A great way to introduce the topic of helping to prevent non-point source water pollution, while inspiring young people to take responsibility through their own personal good habits and goals.

Wrap It Up Rap - a "rap" song that covers the topic of packaging. In rap lyric fashion, this song's lyrics imagine walking down the aisles of a grocery store, and tells what to look for - from explaining that individual servings create added waste to seeing if a container has the right numbers to make it recyclable.

The Garden Song - Two versions of David Mallet's famous song are featured on this album. The first version includes a children's chorus. In the Reprise, Sharon's solo voice and calypso drums give it a jungle feel. A great song to use when planting or talking about plants. It pays tribute to the beauty of a garden.

Pretty Planet - Tom Chapin's great song for Earth Day (or any day) to recognize the beauty of our unique planet, "spinning through space".

In This Together - A good, singable anthem suggesting that it has to be a group effort if positive change is going to happen.

Swamp Fever - "Swamp fever is calling you!" This song introduces the theme of land-use planning, suggesting "we've got to pool our resources" to make it work for all of us.

Earth Song - a delightful, singable tune about the interdependent web of life.

Tenders of the Earth - a great song to introduce the meaning of stewardship - our responsibility to manage the positive growth and survival of our planet.

Message From the Marsh - This song emphasizes the importance of looking at land use and preservation in a way that is positive for all life forms that share the Earth.

For ordering information on this and other albums by Nu Myth, contact Sharon Robles at: sharon_robles@yahoo.com

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