International Hymn of Peace

Lyrics by Lorraine N. Finley (1899-1972)

Music: Beethoven, "Ode to Joy" from 9th Symphony)

Rise, O Nations, rise together, Work for universal peace,

When the world becomes united, War and fear of war shall cease.
Now has come the time for healing, Now the time for our rebirth;
Peace will spread its wings restoring, Our misled and troubled earth.
Stand, O Nations, stand together, Firm against what we abhor;
Let our riches flow toward progress, Let there be no waste of war.
Then our efforts, grown constructive, Shall build justice as they should,
Temples in our helpful spirit, Monuments to all things good.
Sing, O Nations, sing together, Praise of our unfailing dream,

Love of home and truth and justice, Sing the one eternal theme.
Bury deep the wrong and evil, Gone the night of blood and tears;
Let our hard won freedom triumph, Forward, friends, the dawn appears!

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