Environmentalists in Song

Invitation to visitors: If you are aware of any additional tributes to conservationists or environmentalists in song, , please let me know! Each song below is listed with their author and the album, if known, they are available on. Most of these songs are described in more detail with ordering information on the main Individual Earth Songs page. E-mail me: harold /at/ planetpatriot.net.

Ansel Adams

National Audubon Society

David Brower

Rachel Carson

Jacques Cousteau

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas

William O. Douglas

Julia "Butterfly" Hill

Songs about the young woman who lived two years in a ancient Redwood tree named Luna to prevent it from being cut for lumber.

Aldo Leopld

John Muir

Mardy and Olaus Murie

Ranger Rick

Hazel Wolf

  • "Hazel Wolf - Kid for the Environment" by Bill Oliver - tribute to the 101 year old Audubon activist from Seattle




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