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Planet Patriot Earth Songs iMix on iTunes Music Store

An increasing number of Earth Songs are available from the iTunes Music Store for Mac and Windows. Some of these are indicated in the listings below by an iTunes icon - but if you don't see an icon, try it anyway - it may have been added.

New! Planet Patriot Earth Songs iMix available on iTunes Music Store - free music previews!

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Web Radio for the Web of Life is a new web radio station which draws from a playlist of 5,000 songs with environmental, indigenous, and empowerment lyrics. This environmental music spans six decades and many genres, including rock, metal, blues, reggae, country, and folk.



"Keep your sense of humor. There is a 50 - 50 chance that the world can be saved. You - yes you - might be the grain of sand that tips the scales the right way." - Pete Seeger

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