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I believe that the more we understand the larger Universe we live in, we will come to realize that the planet Earth is a small island in space, and that we are all citizens of this island Earth. No generation before us knew as much about the Universe as we are now learning every day! Use these resources to broaden not merely your knowledge, but to open your mind to the need for world peace and global environmental protection!

I have updated these links 30 August 2003. These are some of the best space science links on the Internet.

The Universe

The Solar system

Disclaimer:Thre may be "broken links" among the links above. this is NOT my fault! The inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, specified from the very beginning of the WWW that whenever a page located on a computer linked to the Web changed its location, it was the responsibility of the webmaster for the host computer to put in a "re-direct" auto-forward or link to the new location. You aren't just supposed to re-organize your website and remove a page wholesale at a whim. You have a responsibility to the global World Wide Web to keep your links working, by putting in these automatic re-directs. I do not take responsibility for any of these links being "broken" merely because they are old. Complain to the originator of the website, if you can find them, not me! (but please let me know of any broken links you find, and I'll try to fix them!

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